Sharon Dale Stone

Researcher, Health Theme

Sharon Dale Stone is Professor and Chair of Sociology at Lakehead University, where she is also affiliated with the Women's Studies, Gerontology, and Masters of Public Health programs. She teaches courses to both undergraduate and graduate students on disability, health and illness, and social gerontology. Her research focuses on experiences of living with chronic impairments and issues that arise as a result of this. Previous to becoming involved with RAACWI, she collaborated with injured workers to research the benefits of peer support. All of her research uses qualitative methods to learn about people's experiences in an in-depth way.

Within RAACWI, she is working under the Health and Well-Being Theme to examine injured workers' experiences of stigma and the impact of stigma on self-esteem.

In addition to her research on stigma and injured workers, she is currently working with a team of researchers to study the workplace experiences of academics with multiple sclerosis. As well, as a follow-up to her recently published book profiling selected narratives of women who survived a hemorrhagic stroke at a young age (A Change of Plans, Sumach Press, 2007) she is writing a book that will offer a comprehensive analysis of the experiences of all the women she interviewed.

Related Research

Stone, S. D. Workers Without Work: Injured Workers and Well-Being. Journal of Occupational Science, 2003,10 (1): 7-13.

Stone, S. D., Hill, M. E., Kawchuk, K., Lefrancois, E., Maki, K., Mantis, S. & Pilato, B. Connecting for change: Injured workers in Northwestern Ontario and the effectiveness of peer support. Report submitted to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (Ontario), 2002.

Sharon Dale Stone