Marion Endicott

Community Lead, Legislation Theme

Marion Endicott has worked at Injured Workers Consultants (IWC) as an advocate and community legal worker for about 26 years. She was a key player in the development of our Community-University Research Alliance (CURA) initiative. As Co-Chair of the Bancroft Institute, she hosted a series of discussions between injured worker activists and academics that led to our CURA grant.

In 1976, Marion began her career at IWC helping injured workers in their appeals at the Ontario Workers' Compensation Board. Her job was not only advancing the legal rights and entitlements of individual injured workers, but also their "collective" interests, through education, community development and law reform.

Marion has developed and taught many courses in workers' compensation and presented at numerous workshops and conferences. Most of this work has been done within the labour and injured worker communities. Courses have ranged from a 30-hour course in workers' compensation offered through Humber College, to a three-hour overview course for union stewards through the Union Counselling Programme of Metro Labour. Marion was also an advisor to the Canadian Injured Worker Alliance (CIWA) for 10 years, and in that capacity delivered training to injured worker activists across the country.

Over the years, Marion has written many articles for trade journals and submissions for Parliamentary Committees, government bodies and policy consultations. In 2004 she won the Ontario Bar Association's Ron Ellis Award in Workers' Compensation. With many years of experience in the field, Marion is considered one of the most experienced and skilled thinkers and practitioners in the workers' compensation field in Ontario.

Marion may be best known within RAACWI for her workshops designed for team members that explore complex topics like deeming and experience rating, making them easy to understand. She is also the Community Lead for the Legislation, Policies, Programs and Practices theme group within RAACWI, and serves on the RAACWI Steering Committee.

Marion Endicott