Alina Gildiner

Legislation Theme Academic Lead

Alina is a member of Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis (CHEPA) at McMaster University. She has a joint appointment as assistant professor in Political Science and the interdisciplinary Health Studies Program. She trained as a physiotherapist, than later earned a PhD in Health Policy from the University of Toronto. Her research interests deal with the politics and meaning of privatization, particularly how historical legacies have shaped these and how they continue to change in new historical contexts. Empirical work to date has focused on the impact of the organization of policy decision-making on public-private change, drawing largely on historical-institutionalist approaches.

Related Research

A Cross-Provincial Study of Health-Care Reform in Canada

Related Grants

Title: A Cross-Provincial Study of Health-Care Reform in Canada
Amount: $381,399.00
Funding Agency and Program: Canadian Institutes for Health Research, Operating Grant
Principal Investigator: Harvey Lazar (Queen's University)
Co-applicants: John Church (University of Alberta), Pierre-Gerlier Forest (Laval University), Alina Gildiner (McMaster University), John N. Lavis (McMaster University), Tom McIntosh (University of Regina), Stephen Tomblin (Memorial University)

Alina Gildiner